【LIVE on Twitch!】3/4イラストレーター藤ちょこ先生による和風で可愛い女の子の描き方講座を開催!

こんにちはpicorre Live!運営事務局です。本校は昨年6月より世界最大級のゲーム専用配信サイト『twitch』のパートナーチャンネルとして、イラストレーターやコンセプトアーティストによるライブ配信を実施しています。

Hi, this is the administrative account of picorre Live! the creative channel on twitch. Since the last June we have been broadcasting live-drawing by illustrators and concept artists as partner channel for the world’s largest game dedicated site “twitch”.


Well, the other day, illustrator Riichu has demonstrated the method of how to draw Japanese pretty girl and it was so much fun with constant laugh all over! If you missed it but do not worry and we have prepared URL so that you can watch it anytime.


Fuzichoco will appear at the coming live held on March 4th! We think that Fuzichoco’s illustration should be globally recognized, and the biggest reason is the Japanese-style world view. How is this made? Why don’t you check it on live!

How to draw Japanese anime girl by illustrator Fuzichoco
on 3/4 13:00 (Mar 3rd 8PM PST) 

日時: 3月4日(土) 13:00〜16:30
協賛: 株式会社ワコム[URL]

講師: 藤ちょこ先生
Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/picorrelive

Illustrator Fuzichoco


Born in Chiba prefecture, living in Tokyo. She mainly works on illustrations of light novels, social games and TCG illustrations. The art collection “The World of Gokusai Girl” is on sale from BNN, Inc.