【LIVE on Twitch!】5/7イラストレーターこーわ先生による『楽しく絵を描くノート術』

こんにちはpicorre Live!運営事務局です。本校は昨年6月より世界最大級のゲーム専用配信サイト『twitch』のパートナーチャンネルとして、イラストレーターやコンセプトアーティストによるライブ配信を実施しています。

Hi, this is the administrative account of picorre Live! the creative channel on twitch. Since the last June we have been broadcasting live-drawing by illustrators and concept artists as partner channel for the world’s largest game dedicated site “twitch”.


Have you already watched the live of illustrator Nilitsu sensei who has demonstrated how to draw character with movement? Here is our prepared URL in case if you missed it on live…

On the next live we are inviting illustrator kowa sensei and he will talk about how to enjoy drawing in your notebook.



  • 生活しながら絵を描くということ
  • 画材・ノートの説明漫画的なイラストスケッチについて
  • 何の絵を描くのか、何で描くのか?
  • お絵描きライフを楽しみたい人のスマホの使い方


How to enjoy drawing in your notebook at any age.

日時:5/7 13:00 (May 6th 8PM PST) 
協賛: 株式会社ワコム [URL]
チャンネル: Twitch [URL]

Profile kowa
Illustrator / scientist. He publishes original doujinshi works describing how Japanese schoolgirls are fascinating through the scientific explation of the nature. He is also professional scientist, engaging research and education.